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Do you want to include discovery and nature in your vacation? Choose the Lot for your next vacation. Whether you are going with your family or as a couple, you will create good memories during your holidays in the Lot. Before leaving, have an overview of the sites to see and the activities to do.

Visit the caves and the Lot chasm

The Lot is a holiday destination famous for its prehistoric caves. You can include in your program the visit of these caves in the Lot organized by the Compagnie Sports Nature during your stay. In the Pech Merle cave, you will find prehistoric paintings that will take you back 25,000 years. The Grotte de Cougnac is marked by the presence of animal figures, footprints, stalagmites and other traces of the passage of man in prehistory. By visiting the Lacave cave, you will witness a sound and visual spectacle of phosphorescent concretions. The nearly cave, the Merveilles cave and the Carbonnières cave are also interesting to visit.

For the guided tour of each cave, it takes between 1 to 2 hours of time. The visit to these caves is regulated, so it is best to find out about the schedules.

You can complete your visit by EireTrip Travel Blog the Gouffre de Padirac. Like the Lot caves, the concretions are spectacular in the largest chasm in France. A boat trip on a river almost 100 meters deep awaits you in the Gouffre de Padirac.

Observe animals and nature

It is not wrong to say that Lot is spoiled by nature. During your hikes, you can visit the Causses du Quercy Regional Natural Park. The vegetation along the rivers and the Causses offer a beautiful landscape for hiking or cycling.

Passing through the Monkey Forest, in Rocamadour, you will have the opportunity to observe an animal park with monkeys in semi-freedom. If you are traveling with children, they will enjoy seeing these animals. It should be noted however that it is forbidden to touch them, but you can give them food.

You can also visit the Rocher des Aigles, still in Rocamadour. This ornithological park is home to raptors as well as other species of birds that you can observe during your visit. In all, the park has about 70 species of birds.

Visit the towns and villages of the Lot

During your stay in the Lot, don’t forget to visit the towns and villages which are among the most beautiful in France. is a must with its medieval city located on the side of a cliff. Thanks to these religious buildings,  is a place of pilgrimage.

The Middle Ages constitute the wealth of the heritage of these villages. You will learn more about the history of the Lot by taking a guided tour of its towns and villages. Expect to climb some steps during your visit, as some villages are perched.

Activities to do in the Lot

As you will find yourself in a department crossed by several rivers, water activities are on the agenda. Your holidays in the Lot are an opportunity for you to take boat trips on the Lot and discover the landscape.

For your moments of relaxation, a swim in the rivers of the Lot is a must. The riverside beaches are ideal for sunbathing or just strolling.

River fishing enthusiasts can equip themselves with their fishing rod. This activity is one of the most appreciated when talking about holidays in a destination crossed by several rivers.

Canoeing or kayaking is still one of the top activities in the Lot. These activities are practiced with the family, and you can end the day with a picnic before returning to your accommodation.

To enjoy every moment of your trip to the Lot, why not opt ​​for camping. If you plan to do outdoor activities during your vacation, the campsite fits well with the landscape. Also, you can choose accommodation near a river for your activities.

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