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Hey! If you are a jewelry fanatic then praise your decision of visiting Dubai known for its wide range of jewelries varying in designs as well as rates, so get ready to give a shopping punch to your Dubai’s visit without bringing any kind of load on a purse. Interestingly, the most common question being asked always is that whether the gold price is lower in Dubai compared to other cities? So the answer is no and the thing that gives this city an edge over others is a bunch of jewelry varieties available for every occasion.

Additionally, many varieties have also brought rates in control with enabling ladies to buy according to their financial limits. Moreover, all the retailers of the city have the certification from the internationally recognized powers, so feel free to purchase any jewelry you like in Dubai. Below are some must-go spots for availing jewelries, so note them down and start obtaining your favorite pieces.


No doubt, it is the most favorite spot to hunt you’re the quality jewelry for each occasion and while visiting it, you find it full of ladies revealing the authenticity of this spot for attaining a jewelry. For grabbing the luxury gold, you find this retailer among the top ones in the city and other than jewelry, you also explore a wide array of accessories for women and men. Like buying a quality gold is very crucial, so similarly planning any vacation also requires you to take decision wisely of booking a flight or selecting a hotel and for that, you need to acquire the promotions.


It is also the high-class spot for jewelry hunting and like the first retailor, it also has the respectable name when it comes to gold. It is famous for its wide array of the gold ornaments famous among both foreign and local ladies and for convenience, it offers both the traditional and online stores to make purchases with the extreme ease.

3-Joyalukkas Jewelry

It also has an impressive variety to reveal for customers and the designs are fantastic lifting-up your fashion in a remarkable way for each occasion. Other than grabbing gold, you can also go for diamond shopping and a wide variety of rings, chains, pendants and bangles increases your craving more for jewelries.

4-Pure Gold Jewelers

As its name suggests, you find the supreme quality of gold with different designs catering to different parties, so you can also attain any attractive design with confidence. While evaluating the celebrated collections there, you find the hoop, eternity, illusion, valentine and spring varieties, so you should go with the right ones addressing your needs.

5-Damas Jewelry

It has also got on the list because of its massive offerings with the extreme quality of its stuff liked by both foreign and native women, so you should also get into this jewelry store. While visiting it, you explore a bunch of variations of ornaments, rings, watches, bracelets, earrings and pendants catering to the needs of each lady.

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