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Dating and travel

There are 1000 ways to go on a trip. When some go with family, others prefer to travel as a couple . For some, the trip will be cultural and peaceful, for others it will be an adventure, a road trip of a few weeks or a world tour of several months

It is to this last category of travelers that this article is addressed. Going alone has its advantages, but it can sometimes be very boring. This is why some agencies have specialized in solo stays . Especially for singles who could take the opportunity to find a soul mate .

Among all these specialized tour operators, some are more efficient and attractive than others. Here are the 5 travel agencies to choose when you are single and want to meet people all over the world travel the world tourist attractions places

Cpournous has been a benchmark for solo travel for many years now. “Bring your encounters to life”, proclaims the agency. Here, trips are designed to promote exchanges between travelers . And no bad surprises since you have access to the profiles of your future partners (travel or lifetime) even before departure.

By choosing Cpournous, you will be sure to go with singles of the same age group as you and who share the same interests.

Whether for a weekend in France, a stay in Spain or a circuit in the United States, you will have many possibilities to go solo and meet new people. There are even “all inclusive” cruise offers to take full advantage of it. So, ready to board the Love Boat?

Do you know carpooling? Well, now comes the ride-along. As its name suggests, the site offers “trips to share between solos

Here too, you will be sure to leave with travelers who share the same interests as you. Note also the possibility of sharing the same room to avoid a supplement.


According to the description of the site, “ Coviago writes love stories on vacation for singles dreaming of making THE encounter on a solo trip”.

Single vacations

Between solos, it’s funnier. This is the slogan of Célivacances . Funny, perhaps, but the people who turn to this agency still hope to put an end to this “solo” status.

Themed trips, various and varied activities, stays for singles, divorcees, widowers (-ves)… All solos are in the spotlight at Célivacances, which promises “single holidays in a friendly atmosphere”.

Be careful though: several travelers have shared their dissatisfaction with certain commercial practices on the site.

Being able to combine travel and meeting

You therefore have the choice of the agency for tailor-made stays between singles who can combine travel and meeting (great love?). So singles, what are you waiting for to test?

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