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Watersport Destination

Generally, when one considers watersports, it is the golden sands of Californian beaches that are pictured, those that see distant surfers and watercraft skating along clear blue waters. While this certainly is a reality of the watersport world, there remains a huge part of the culture that is left out.

Lakes, rivers, and coasts set among colder climates are all fantastic and popular destinations for watersports enthusiasts too. From surfers and paddleboarders to cold water swimmers and sailors, there are a large number of groups who actively seek out alternative waterscapes for their activities, taking not to the Sunshine Coast but as far-flung in the other direction as among the icy waters of British Columbia.


There are around 20,000 lakes in British Columbia, offering a staggering array of potential environments for those who want to enjoy the water. Some will seek large bodies of water, such as Williston Lake, while others will favour their local river as a more quietly secluded spot for a morning dip. Either way, the province’s wide landscape offers a great deal of options.

Many of these lakes are not only accessible but open to activities too, such as swimming, fishing, and kayaking. Those that remain are generally available for public activity with a permit. Be sure to check with your local authority before venturing out. There are also a number of swimming holes to explore too, with many being fun to simply discover.


Watersport weekends are becoming more common, especially with the rising popularity of paddleboarding. As such, individuals and groups are increasingly turning their attention to rivers, seeking out routes that allow them to enjoy an unforgettable adventure on the water, paddling between wild camping destinations and making their way across the environment by both foot and water.

Others simply seek out British Columbia’s 400 or so rivers for a more contained experience, such as paddling and bathing in the refreshing natural waters. There is, for example, a notably large cold water swimming community within the province and many online forums share some of the most serene and beautiful spots for others to enjoy.


In addition to British Columbia having an extensive coastline, it is also home to a great many beaches. These seafront locations are not only accessible for those wanting to enjoy watersports but some are considered among the most beautiful beaches in the world.

Tribune Bay, for example, could very easily rival many of the world’s most tropical vistas. Its sand is pristine and golden, leading on to crystal waters that are ideal for watersports. However, if it is a surfing location that you’re after, then you should head to Tofino on Vancouver Island.

Set among dense and temperate rainforests, the beaches of Tofino are revered internationally for their beauty and surf, seeing watersport enthusiasts from all over the world visit. The water’s reliable break occurs for most of the year too, meaning that, even during the heart of winter, you are likely to see surfers getting suited up to enjoy the water.

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