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traveling cheaper.

We often dream of distant and heavenly destinations, but ultimately, and for many of us, the determining factor in organizing a trip is the PRICE! It is therefore important to know how to travel cheaper so as not to spend all your annual budget on a simple long weekend.

Know that I have a family, our monthly income is not princely, and yet we manage to travel many months each year, without dipping into our savings ( who am I? )!

So you too, go smart and travel cheap! Low cost, last-minute vacations, best prices, good deals, economical destinations… I reveal 8 of my best tips, taken

For example , renting a mobile home in Spain on the Costa Brava (chosen at random) will cost €1344 in August, while the same accommodation is offered at €220 in June or September, i.e. 84% cheaper! All you have to do is negotiate with your boss (or your child’s mistress) to go offbeat.

Where to find the cheapest prices?

Above all, always check and compare prices before booking. And for that, the most practical tools are comparators (use the OK Voyage comparator , or try those of Liligo buddies , Skyscanner or Kayak ).

If you are not sure about the destination, you can follow the private sales (at Voyage Privé , Idiliz , or Very Chic ) to find a really cheap trip. But be sure to read the conditions of sale carefully before booking.

To take advantage of the best possible price on a trip, and if you’re a bit of a gambler, don’t hesitate to wait until the day before your desired departure date. Some tour operators specializing in last-minute trips (such as Last Minute ) offer new offers every day! But beware, it doesn’t work all the time or on all types of trips.

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The rental of accommodation between individuals has become widely democratized in recent years, in particular with the arrival of the giant Airbnb . Renting an apartment offers many advantages to be able to travel cheaper. Be aware that the owners often offer special offers over longer periods (1 week, 1 month): therefore go on the lookout for these accommodations.

I got up to 70% off by switching to the monthly rate on Airbnb. So it sometimes costs less to leave for 4 weeks instead of 3 (it’s not always logical, I know). Same thing when I leave for 5-6 days, I also simulate a full week: it sometimes costs less, even if I leave before the end of my reservation.

And before booking, always try to negotiate. This works more than half the time, especially if you are going in low season, and you contact the accommodation a few days before the date: the owner will then have little choice but to accept your offer (or not renting out your apartment).

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