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No improvisation. This would be the common rule for all trips, in particular the business trip or business trip. Often done in a professional setting, this journey requires organization. Let’s find together the essential elements of the preparation to be done.

Settle the administrative formalities of the business trip

The first thing to do will be to settle the administrative side. Business travel will not happen without a passport, ID and visa. Some countries may exempt very short stays from this formality. Anyway, you have to get closer to the embassy of the country of destination. Local authorities may ask for documents and require proof of vaccinations. In any case, you must be in good health when you leave.

Take care of the reservation and possibly the insurance

Reservations should be made as early as possible. That said, the business trip is often prepared within a fairly short time frame. Indeed, business sometimes requires reactivity and rather sudden decision-making is frequent. Sometimes the trip requires reservations at several hotels. This is the case for business tours or travel by sales force teams. The itinerary will then have to be known in advance. The meal and accommodation budget depends on it

Prepare the suitcase and the practical side of the business trip

As with any well-organized trip, a business trip requires a suitcase that is both compact and complete. The traveler will mainly need his work equipment. This could be the computer, merchandise for the demonstration, books, or even what is needed to make a video projection. Having appropriate outfits would also be another obligation. Speakers will not be able to travel without a suit and tie. For entrepreneurs in high-tech, the short-sleeved shirt or the t-shirt can go.

A good trip cannot .it is prepared weeks or months in advance. If you want to spend an extraordinary stay in Guadeloupe, reading this article can help you organize your trip.

Some practical information

Nowadays, several airlines offer flights to Guadeloupe, the prices can vary according to the seasons: they can double. Feel free to compare prices when buying your plane ticket. What about the visa to travel to Guadeloupe? If you are not a national of one of the EU States, the visa is compulsory for a long stay, that is to say one that exceeds 90 days or three months. Ditto if you have a residence permit obtained from a country belonging to theĀ  zone and your stay exceeds 90 days.

Guadeloupe offers a large number of visas, being a French the same rules as in France apply to foreigners to go to this destination. A distinction is made between the work visa, the student visa and the joint visa for any individual who has married a French national. We also distinguish the visitor visa granted to all those who wish to stay in Guadeloupe for a long time, the condition is not to exercise a remunerated activity within the department during his trip. The application form

Here are some of the documents to provide for the visitor visa application: properly completed and duly signed application form, valid passport (valid for 180 days after returning to the country of residence, recent photo ID meeting ISO standards, letter specifying the reasons which lead you to make the request, letter in which you justify your commitment not to practice a remunerative activity during the trip, latest salary slips or other supporting documents attesting to your resources, criminal record, proof of your travel insurance ,

Our advice for a successful trip to Guadeloupe

Before leaving for Guadeloupe, take the time to contact the tourist office of this destination. You will thus obtain all the necessary documents for your trip. Also go to the Guadeloupe tourist office to get a guide, it is essential if you want to facilitate your trip. On the Internet you will find various useful read blogs, sites, social networks, etc. This allows you to learn more about Guadeloupe, you will be able to discover the good addresses, the good plans, the advice and opinions of other travelers on the destination, the various recommendations and experiences of the latter, the best hotels and restaurants, etc

Online, you can also get in touch with all travel professionals including travel agencies and transport companies. For this destination, it is preferable to entrust the organization of your stay to a local agency: they can offer you a personalized trip that meets your expectations and is adapted to your wallet.

For accommodation, you have the choice between classic hotels or guest houses. Other alternatives are available to you, including charming hotels, as well as apartments and villas for rent. Choose according to the number of people accompanying you during the trip. The villas are more suitable for the group, it is an economical solution. For travel on site, the bus is not interesting, it is better to opt for rental cars. If you go with your family to Guadeloupe, children and adults will be completely satisfied because the activities are numerous and varied, as are the sites and monuments to visit.

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