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Are you travelling with United Airlines to the most loved destination?  If yes then you should know everything about United Airlines flight ticket booking.  While booking a ticket with United Airlines for any destination, making name error(s) is a common mistake and you may face a great deal of hassle.  However, you do not need to worry now because the Airlines name change policy is here to help you. It allows you to fix minor and significant name mistakes on your ticket for a smooth experience.

If you are eager to know how to make the Airlines Ticket Name Change, this article will help you a lot.  You will learn about the procedures to rectify the name errors and mistakes to make your ticket valid for travelling with United Airlines.

 Let us get started….

Basic Details of  Airlines Name Correction Policy 

According to the Airlines Name Change Policy, passengers can make simple and critical changes to their name on the flight ticket up to 2 hours prior to the set departure time.

Here are the types of Airlines name changes on tickets that do not require any legal documents.

  • Spelling mistakes in First & Last Name
  • Changing Your Name From Nickname or Vice-versa
  • Correct or Change any prefix
  • Adding or removing a middle or initial name
  • Correcting inverted first name and last name

 Here are the types of Airlines Ticket name changes that you can request along with your legal documents.

  • Marriage Certificate
  • Divorce Agreement
  • Other Valid government-issued documents that include your previous and new names.

Procedures to Change Your Name on a Airlines Flight Ticket 

As per the Airlines Name Change Policy, you have different ways by which you can make changes to your name on your United Airlines flight reservation.

1. Online Method of Ticket Name Change 

  • Go to your ‘Mileage Plus’ account via your United Passenger profile.
  • Proceed with the required Airlines name changes on the ticket.
  • In case of major changes to the name, submit the supporting documents for name verification.
  • Once changes are done, you will get a confirmation mail on the registered ID.

2. Customer Service Department

Calling the customer service department is one of the easiest methods to make name changes under the United Airlines Name correction policy You can successfully confirm the name changes with the supporting documents.

3. Airport Visit

The last way to make name changes under the United Airlines name change policy is to visit the airport. The airport officials will let you know the name change procedure.

So, this is how United ticket name changes are done under the United Airlines Name Correction policy. The procedures are quite simple and quick.

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